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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Former Republican majority leader, Eric Cantor, endorses Jeb Bush for president

Eric Cantor endorsed Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush Thursday evening.

Cantor tweeted earlier Thursday that he was "AllinforJeb."

Cantor is the former Republican majority leader who lost to David Brat, a Virginia professor - and tea-party backer - in the 2014 Virginia House primaries.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tweeted of the Cantor endorsement, "Who wants the endorsement of a guy (@EricCantor) who lost in perhaps the greatest upset in the history of Congress?”

The two presidential candidates have sparred on the issue of immigration. Bush, who is married to a Mexican-American, used the term 'anchor babies' when speaking about illegal immigrants giving birth in America so their children can become citizens.  

He tried 'defending' himself by saying the term didn't apply to Mexicans, but rather Asians (another group who will probably not vote for him, further limiting his chances to become president of the United States).

Bush claims to run his campaign on transparency and is using the Twitter hashtag #JebNoFilter, coinciding with his e-book of the same name that reveals emails he says were sent to constituents while serving as governor of Florida. (Perhaps a stab at the events surrounding emails of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State). 

Thursday's endorsement event was held at Richmond, Virginia's Jefferson Hotel where a modest crowd of supporters attended.  The two met at the same hotel in February of this year, also for a fundraising event.

An attendee said Bush plans to "reach out to young people", offering them "opportunities."

Another attendee called Bush "compassionate", while yet another said Bush, "doesn't lie."

Bush is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser in Virginia Beach on Friday.

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