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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

In wake of the Zika virus, travel, spring break still O.K.

Representatives from the CDC and the NIH were on hand at the White House during Monday's press briefing to update the public and address concerns over the Zika virus that has caused some babies to be born with deformities.

Dr. Anne Schuchat from the Centers for Disease Control and Dr. Tony Fauci from the National Institutes of Health told reporters that a vaccine is in the making.   The pair also said they are particulary concerned about women who are pregnant, or plan to get pregnant, who have either traveled to or plan to travel to areas of South America and the Carribean known to have the Zika virus.

Despite those bold statements, the doctors said there is no wide-spread concern and that Americans should continue to travel, including during upcoming college spring breaks --  when college students travel to warmer climate destinations to escape winter weather.

"Travel to Zika-affected areas is very common among Americans, and we don’t think that needs to stop", said Dr. Schuchat.

"We do think it’s important for people who are pregnant or may be pregnant to be aware of the risks, and for their sexual partners to be aware of the risk as well.

So we’re not canceling spring break. We’re telling people who are pregnant you may not want to go."

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**Update** -  April 11,2016 White House Press Briefing, Zika update here.

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