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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Salahis Talk

Tariq and Michaele Salahi talk to Carol Joynt of the Q&A Cafe With Carol at the Georgetown Ritz Carlton.  Photo/CD Brown.

After crashing the White House State Dinner (they still claim it never happened), and pleading the Fifth on Capitol Hill about crashing the White House State Dinner, the Salahis did talk about their upcoming roles in The Real Housewives of DC.

The Salahis were guests on the DC 50 talk show, Q & A Cafe with Carol Joynt, the former Nathan's of Georgetown restaurant owner.

Among other topics discussed were the status of the Oasis winery the couple owns in Fauquier County, the State Dinner, and of course Bravo's reality show.

On the White House State Dinner...
"We've moved on from it.  The President and the Vice President laughed about it, and we're just ready to move on from it."

Carol gently reminded the couple that the state's attorney has not "moved on from it" and they could still be prosecuted. The couple again implied that they did not wish to discuss the White House State Dinner event.

On Oasis Winery...
The Salahis plan to reopen the winery that has caused family friction about whether or not it should be sold or kept in the family.

"My father, who is ill, wanted the winery to go to me", said Tariq.

On RHoDC...
Although the couple wouldn't comment on whether they are using the reality show to seek fame and stardom, and money of course, Michaele said, "You'll have to watch the show, and you'll see it's tastefully done."

The premiere of RHODC kicks off August 8th, with a premiere party down town, near the White House.

Exact location, also not disclosed.

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