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Saturday, October 26, 2013

ACA Health Care Operator Fired For Doing Her Job?

More woes for the Obama administration's roll out of
During the president's weekly address he urged Americans to call a toll-free number to get help enrolling in a health care plan as the website continues to be 'improved'.

Said the president, "But even as we improve the website, remember that the website isn’t the only way to apply for coverage under these new plans.  We’ve updated to offer more information about enrolling over the phone, by mail, or in person with a specially-trained navigator who can help answer your questions.  Just call 1-800-318-2596 or visit   

No sooner than the president gives out the 800 number for Americans to speak to one of the 'specially-trained navigators', one of them  gets fired, perhaps loosing her own healthcare benefits.

Her malfeasance?  Talking to talk show host Sean Hannity.

Hannity called the 800 number with his usual conniving and cyncial analysis of the president with the intent to shine light on the issues the website and the call center is having - to 'convert' Ms. Davis, asking her, "Have you ever heard of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh?

Davis said she had not.

After Davis took his call, she was summoned to the H.R. office where she was given her pink slip.

Hannity apologetically reimbursed Ms. Davis, a mother of two, for the salary of $26,000 per year, he helped her lose. 

"We're going to make this right for you", the talk show host said.

Hannity chose to 'gift' the sum of Davis' salary so Davis would not have to pay income taxes.  He also established an email address,, for those who can help Ms. Davis find work in her Panama City, Florida town.

Since Davis' firing, operators have been trained to respond to overzealous callers by asking for their name and phone number with the promise of having their call returned within one to three business days.

Audio of the original exchange between Davis and Hannity can be heard here.

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