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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lakers And President Obama Team Up For NBA Cares

President Obama and the Los Angeles Lakers helped kids from DC's Girls and Boys Club put together packages for U.S. service members and the homeless today at The ARC.   The President and the Lakers visited with the kids in partnership with NBA Cares

President Obama with 2010 NBA Champions, Los Angeles Lakers. Photo/CD Brown.
For fifteen year-old Tylan, one of the youth from the Boys and Girls Club, called the visit from the Lakers and President Obama his best day ever.   "It was so exciting!  It was so amazing - my favorite team, my favorite player.   To see President Obama, Tylan said, "It was good."

President Obama personally congratulated the Lakers for their achievements on and off the basketball court.

"Now, I have to say that there is a longstanding tradition of welcoming championship sports teams to the White House.  But here’s the thing:  These guys have been there so often; they were just there last year because they won the title.  And Kobe and Derek have been there so many times now, they could lead tours themselves.  The same is true for Coach Jackson", said the president.

Phil Jackson has eleven NBA championship rings, five with the Lakers.   

Laker guard Kobe Bryant shared with us that he thinks this season will be the last for Coach Jackson.   "There is no one like him", said Bryant.  "No one," adding his other selelction for best coach would be Vincent Lombardi.

The Lakers take on the Wizards this Tuesday at Verizon Center.  

We spoke to a few of the Lakers who shared their thoughts on the upcoming match up.

On meeting the Wizards for the second time this month, Laker guard Derek Fisher to us of the Wizards' young team that he's "expecting them to play better at home".  The Wizards were able to come back from a 19 point deficit against the Lakers earlier this month. 

"We had a big lead and they were able to work their way back into the game and make it somewhat close.  It will be a matter of how we're able to play in terms of our level", Fisher said.

Lakers' Kobe Bryant receives gifts from students of DC's Boys and Girls Club. Photo/CD Brown.
On visiting with the youth today, Fisher called it a "great experience".  "It always is. Anytime you can take some time away from the game - and in particular spend time with young people - to see the impact, to have the experience.  Today, doing the letters and making the care packages for the homeless, and for the soldiers and our service people, and having President Obama present added an even special touch to it."

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