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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vincent Gray: New Mayor. One City.

Vincent C. Gray was sworn in Sunday at the Washington Convention Center as DC's sixth elected Mayor.

After gaining 75% of the popular vote gray ousted former mayor Adrian Fenty who many claim grew to distant with the city's predominantly African American residents.

Newly sworn in DC Mayor, Vincent Gray on stage with family and the Honorable Eric T. Washington who delivered the Oath during Sunday's inaugural ceremony. Photo/CD Brown.
Gray ran on a platform of One City, vowing to unite the city into a city that isn't a Black DC, and a white DC, but One DC.   A city where all can live and thrive.

That will be the challenge for gray as he begins work in a city that is known for its violence, inequality in education, lack of jobs and job training.

Even before the November election Gray faced his share of distractions: One that allegedly accused Gray of giving voters $10 gift cards. On Thanksgiving, Gray left his credit card on the counter of a local CVS where one of its employees used the card to go on a shopping spree to purchase alcohol and cigarettes.

Depsite the challenges, Gray remains optimistic about the city and citizens he now serves.
"We live in one of the most unique and recognizable cities on Earth. Across the world, people hear “Washington, DC” and conjure images of majesty and great history. They think of the home of our President, the seat of our national government, and a command center in the global struggle for freedom and democracy", said Gray.

The then mayor-elect visited President Obama at the White House on December 1st to discuss a number of issues that included improving the District's public education.

Gray with outgoing mayor Adrian Fenty.  Photo/CD Brown.
"While some choose to focus on the racial or economic differences in this city, make no mistake: there is far more that brings us together than there is that drives us apart."

With Gray's One City mantra that reads like a politica blueprint, Gray promises that coming together as one, the city can move forward.

"If we come together as One City, we will bring a collaborative and holistic approach to education reform – an approach that involves parents and teachers in the process but uncompromisingly puts children first.

If we come together as One City, we will find ways to more District residents back to work and create an environment to help our small business owners thrive and succeed.

If we come together as One City and work hand-in-hand with our hard-working public safety officers, we will create neighborhoods in which every family feels safe because they are safe.

If we come together as One City, we will bring increased transparency to our budget process and ensure that taxpayer dollars are treated with respect.

And if we come together as One City, one day we will realize the same right to self-determination enjoyed by every other American city."

During his inaugural speech this past Sunday, Gray lauded that he is a proud graduate of DC public schools.

"I stand here proud to be a native Washingtonian. Proud to be a product of our city's public schools."

Former DC mayor Anthony Williams supports Gray and told us he looks forward to seeing what Gray can do.  "I think his administration is pregnant with possibilities", said Williams.

Christopher Barry, son of former DC mayor (now council member), Marion Barry is taking a wait-and-see approach, telling us, 'I don't really know what he stands for.  I will wait and see what he does."

The Gray cabinet has been assembled.  The inaugural celebration is over, and Gray is eager to begin his tenure as the District's new mayor in a city he calls - one city. 

One city - under Gray - that plans to build a brighter future of its children, will bring jobs to under served communities, and create neighborhoods "in which every family feels safe because they are safe."

"There is nothing we can't accomplish", said Gray.

"From the West End to the East End this is one city -- our city; From Dupont Circle to Randle Circle, this is one city -- our city; From Mclean Gardens to Naylor Gardens and Chinatown to Tenleytown, this is one city -- our city; From Friendship Heights to Columbia Heights to Lincoln Heights to Congress Heights, this is one city -- our city; From Fort Lincoln to Lincoln Park, this is one city -- our city; From Forest Hills to Hillcrest and Fairfax Village to Colonial Village, this is one city -- our city."
And the city can't wait.

Another One DC:  Same Focus: Right to housing, land, education, income.

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