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Monday, February 14, 2011

Shirley Sherrod Sues

As Well She Should

Shirley Sherrod, the ousted USDA employee is finally having her just desserts. 

After being called something, for which she is not, via a manipulated video last August, Sherrod is finally suing the perpetrator, Andrew Breitbart, for "defamation, false light, and infliction of emotional distress".

Breitbart's infamous video portrayed Sherrod as a racist who wouldn't help white families with saving their land.

"This lawsuit is not about politics or race," Sherrod said in a statement. "It is not about right versus left, the NAACP or the Tea Party. It is about how quickly, in today's Internet media environment, a person's good name can become 'collateral damage' in an overheated political debate."

Sherrod, after refusing the offer from US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak to return to the USDA, said she is unemployed and that no offers of employment are on the table.

"I'm just trying to survive."

True video
Breitbart Still Edits Videos.  See here.

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