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Monday, May 9, 2011

Recap: White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Trump, the President, Protesters, and More

While the President was making about 2,500 attendees to this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner laugh while he took pot shots at his nemesis Donald Trump, protesters were on the outside demonstrating their dislike of Trump and his challenge for the president to reveal his birth certificate.

Trump with wife Malania.  Photo/CD Brown.
Suffice it to say, Trump sitting iron-clad at a table with wife Malania, had egg all over his face the entire evening.

Before the dinner began Trump, and others, walked the red carpet where the likes of Gayle King (no, no Oprah), New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, actress Tyne Daley, Morgan Fairchild, Will.I.Am, John Legend, and others were all too happy to engage the group of red carpet photographers. After Trump posed very briefly with his wife, they began leaving the red carpet area, much to the dislike of photographers wanting some form of a statement from the Donald.  Ignoring the offer, Trump and his model wife walked away to a hearty stream of "boos" from the photographer crowd.

Once inside, the damage continued. President Obama, in presidential White House Correspondents’ Dinner fashion, showed the unconfirmed 2012 Republican presidential candidate who the real Commander-In-Chief is.

After taking praise for getting President Obama to release his long form birth certificate, the president was all to happy to acknowledge Trump’s effort.

"Now, I know that he’s taken some flak lately”, said the President on Trump’s inquisitiveness, “But no one is happier, no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the Donald.”

The president said the inquest of those like Trump and media members were “a distraction”, and stressed there are more pressing issues facing America.

Said President Obama, “And that’s because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter: like, did we fake the moon landing? What really happened in Roswell? And where are Biggie and Tupac?”

The grass roots Twitter movement called ‘DumpDTrump’ wants Trump to apologize to the president.

Members of Twitter revolution #DumpDTrump hold signs
protesting Donald Trump. Photo/CD Brown.
“I would ask him [Trump] to make an apology to President Obama for questioning his legitimacy, and for not using the same standards of interrogation and questioning on Bush", said the group’s spokesperson DC Debbie.

The grassroots movement, with more than 5,000 strong since our interview with them last week, (garnering 4,000 followers in its first 24 hours of hitting Twitter), calls Trump a “shame and a spot on American culture and consciousness that needs to be removed”.

Joined by several civil rights organizations like Think Progress, the group’s focus is to get Corporations to stop advertising their products on Donald Trump sponsored programming, like Celebrity Apprentice, and Trump websites.

At the time of our interview with the #DumpDTrump protesters they were celebrating their success at getting the online advertiser GroupOn to end their advertising on Trump’s web site. In a statement to DumpDTrump, Groupon agreed “They would no longer, unintentionally advertise on the website in the future”, revealed Debbie.

Since their GroupOn success, the group plans to go after other advertisers, including PepsiCo.

“Right now we’re targeting Pepsi. That’s who we’ve been going after for the last 24 hours or so”, said member Asher Huey, also of

However, the group announced on their Twitter account this afternoon:
At lunch, I just announced in front of 12 coworkers that I would NOT be ordering diet @pepsico because they won't @DumpDTrump's Apprentice."
In addition to getting advertisers to dump Trump, the group is hoping Trump would make good on his claim that he would reveal his tax returns once the president revealed his birth certificate.

Jeremy Koulish said if he were in talks with Trump he “would ask Donald Trump if he is prepared to release his full tax return, as required by any presidential candidate.”

“Where are the tax returns? Where are the financial disclosures”, questioned Koulish.

The group also warned that Trump's, “I have a good relationship with the Blacks” statement made earlier this year, has also spawned a new attack against Trump. One that has labeled him a racist.

This afternoon the group tweeted:

"Trump's use of the "I know a black guy" defense exemplifies his #racism. So why won't @PepsiCo #DumpTrump?"
One former Apprentice show contestant said that idea wouldn’t be too far fetched, as he thinks Trump has a problem with well educated African Americans.

Trump has disputed that claim.

Disputed or not, it would be hard to think Trump doesn't have issues. He has now called for the grades of President Obama.  Trump questions whether Obama was qualified to get into Harvard.  The president  served as president of the Harvard Law Review.

Said DumpDTrump's DCDebbie on this charge: “Trump didn’t really have positive things to say about Bush, but he never questioned his legitimacy, his citizenship, his nationality, his educational background; even when Americans found out he was just a C- student at Yale."

The group also has words for the TeaParty movement:  "You're a minority, and you've split the GOP base.    You don't represent America.  Your time is over, and you should go back to the [19]'50s."

Huey, on the other hand, thinks TeaParty should  "Keep pushing the Republican party as far to the right as you can.  I am enjoying watching."

The White House Correspondents' dinner performer was Saturday Night Live writer/comedian Seth Meyers who also had some choice words about Trump.


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