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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Sister, and Presidential Act?

President Obama spoke tonight at the Broadway Theatre in New York, his third fundraiser of the evening in the Big Apple. He delivered remarks at the 1,400-plus seat theatre, where the full house had just finished watching Whoopi Goldberg’s musical “Sister Act”, to which the president joked that the movie helped him decide which convent to send Sasha and Malia, who he described as "getting a little too old and a little too cute."

Patting himself on the back, the president made mention, again, of his accomplishments the last two years.

"And so I had to make a series of decisions very quickly.  And they were big and often tough decisions.  We had to make sure that we yanked the economy back from the brink of a Great Depression.  We had to make sure that we stabilized the financial system so that we didn’t have a full meltdown, and so that businesses could get financing and keep their doors open and keep their employees and make payroll". 

To a cheer of thunderous applause the president remarked on his latest effort of bringing more troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

"And overseas, we’ve brought back a hundred thousand troops out of Iraq, and we ended the combat mission there.  And because of the extraordinary diplomacy of our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and all the great work that's been done we were able to help restore a sense of standing and a sense of purpose around the world".

The president also spoke at New York's Sheraton Hotel and Towers, and Daniel restaurant in Manhattan.

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