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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Prayer For Congress To Reach Agreement on Debt Ceiling

Organizers of the Pray Without Ceasing Political Party met in front of the White House today to pray that Congress and the Obama Administration will come together on issues of debt conciliation and other issues.

"I'm just ashamed of our Congress right now", said founder Rocky Twyman.

Twyman stated that Former First Lady Betty Ford wanted it known that she was for both parties coming together to solve America's issues.

 No other time is that needed than right now.  He called the timing of her death, when the two parties seemed stalled on reaching any agreement after several days of talks and bargaining, prophetic.

"How prophetic it is that she told Cokie Roberts [reporter] in 2007 that she wanted it to be known at her funeral that she was for Democrats and Republicans coming together", Twyman said.   This has been a tumultuous week, with so much confusion between the Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans are calling for no increases in taxes while the Democrats want no reduction and cuts in services like Social Security and aid to dependent families.

President Obama said he was concerned that Social Security checks might not get mailed out next month if something isn't worked out.

Twyman, a senior citizen himself, said he was also concerned about not getting his check next month.

"I might have to come to your house for dinner", Twyman joked with us.  "Or stand in a soup line".

Despite the ongoing efforts to reach an agreement between the parties, the White House remains optimistic.

"The fact is we remain confident that we will get an agreement that reduces spending and that cuts the deficit", said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney during yesterday's White House briefing.  Similar remarks were made during today's briefing as Carney stated, "But it is an important recognition of the fact that the United States will not, for the first time in its history, default on its obligations".

Reports say that President Obama, frustrated with yesterday's meeting between the two parties, stormed out of the meeting.  On the allegation, Carney said today: "He did not.  It is preposterous to suggest so". 

Talks resume again later this afternoon.

Others outside the White House today shared their views on the political ramifications if the debt limit issue isn't resolved.

We also spoke with a man from Atlantic City, who was visiting Washington, DC who said they way President Obama handles this current issue, will determine how he votes in the 2012 election.

Watch what President Obama has to say, here.

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