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Monday, August 8, 2011

I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady

I probably shouldn't write this, but many say I favor First Lady Michelle Obama (just a tad).  I can't tell you how many times, no matter where I am, I've received that remark.  (I should really call it a compliment to be compared to someone as fabulous as our First Lady).

Now, thanks to Margina Graham Parker, author of the children's book, 'I Am Michelle Obama: The  First Lady', girls around the world can see themselves being just like our First Lady.

The cover of the book depicts a young, African American girl looking in the mirror at herself and seeing First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an interview with Parker explained how the book came to be.

“This book started out as a poem", said Parker. "I was on my way to work one when the words hit me. I was so overwhelmed I had to pull the car over to write the words down. Each stanza is a glimpse of the accomplished life of our First Lady, presented in a rhythm that keeps the attention of a child.” Margina adds, “First Lady Michelle Obama has broken the mold of doing it all – she started with humble beginnings; excelled in her education; and shines as a wife, mother, and career woman. She has done it all well. I had to tell that part of her story.”

The book I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady is available at Tumain Publishing, on, and in bookstores across the country. Buyers can look for special promotional pages now through August, 2011 where they can buy 1 copy, get a second copy FREE.

Thank you Mrs. Parker for such an inspiring book.  I'm grabbing my copy soon!

About The Author
Margina Graham Parker is a native of Oak Park, Michigan, but stakes her claim as a "southern girl" after spending 17 years in the deep south. A graduate of Jackson State University, she is the author of the children’s book, “I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady”. She currently resides in Redford, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit and is a middle school English teacher with National Heritage Academies. The mother of three is a contributing blogger to PULL Magazine, a multi-media publication and is also the managing editor and columnist of another privately owned publication. This is her first children’s book.

Look for Mrs. Obama's own book about one of the things she loves most, gardening at the White House, due out in April 2012.

Also worthy of noting:  The publisher of the First Lady's book also has a book out, inspired by President Obama, titled I Can Be Anything I Want To Be. Look for it on the publisher's web site.

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