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Friday, February 17, 2012

A First Lady Surprise!

First Lady Michelle Obama, along with dog Bo, surprised White House tour visitors yesterday, aneven the one wearing a Ron Paul T-shirt.   Still, the first lady had to remain poised, even in the face of a supporter of her husband's competition.

Mrs. Obama also greeted military nurses, 'Ronald McDonald', and scores of school kids who were visiting from around the country - all of whom exchanged hugs, brief stories, and pleasantries.

"We voted for you last time and we're voting again this time", said one visitor.

"I was pulling for you to win" the push-up competition with Ellen, said another.

First Lady Obama surprises White House visitors.
This is where we learn that the talk show host wants a rematch with the first lady.

"She said she went down farther and now she wants another competition", said Mrs. Obama.

It wasn't the first time First Lady Michelle surprised a White House tour group, and just like then, she was clearly the star of the day.  Just her appearance overwhelmed one woman so much that she got up from her wheel chair and walked toward her.  (It was better than watching televangelists who work their 'magic' on unsuspecting parishioners).

Of course no White House tour with First Lady Obama would be complete without hearing her encourage youth to eat their vegetables, listen to their parents, and stay out of trouble. The First Lady employed the students to "make sure you learn something" and advised them to "remember this day" as she spent over an hour hugging and shaking hands.

Don't want to sit through the entire video (78 minutes)? We've highlighted a few memorable photos from the tour here.  Enjoy!

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