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Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Move! In Iowa: FLOTUS Celebrates Terrific Two!

Making Healthy Sexy

As we posted earlier, First Lady Michelle Obama is celebrating two years of her Let's Move! campaign!

The celebratory tour started out in Iowa where the first lady is transitioning her message of healthy eating to U.S. military bases, focusing on the military's Food Transformation effort.    Here's a bit of her speech between the first lady and the military's 'top brass'.

MRS. OBAMA: And have you seen changes since implementing the Food Transformation and how service members responded in terms of how they feel?

COLONEL ROBINSON: I think they responded pretty well. We really tackled the physical fitness aspect first. And that I think manifested itself first and foremost because people would go to the AOR and Central Command in a very demanding environment, very hot, a lot of heavy lifting, very active, to get the mission done. And many people were exhausted and, frankly, couldn’t accomplish the mission or just couldn’t physically meet the demands in Iraq or Afghanistan.

So I think from the Air Force perspective that was our first sign. We’ve tackled very hard now the nutritional aspect, because the two definitely go hand in hand. I know for myself when I adopted the run several times a week and eating better, I come to work more upbeat, ready to perform, and I’m able to perform at my peak. And we have seen that result from around the Air Force.  And I think largely we’re over the physical fitness piece and we’re really very well involved in getting our hands around the nutritional aspect of it. But I think people understand that very much now.

GENERAL MURRIE: Yes, ma’am, we’re working hard to make healthy sexy. Sorry, but that’s what it is. 
MRS. OBAMA: Yes, that's right.

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Today she visited Dallas where she hosted a cookoff with a few Dallas Cowboys (DeMarcus Ware, Felix Jones, DeMarco Murray) and a few top chefs where the mission was to prepare a healthy meal in thirty minutes or less.

Menus included a salad with arugula, carrots, and avacado puree, homemade applesauce and a whole wheat turkey taco.

Apparently all items met the approval of the first lady, who after judging the meals called a tie.

"The point in our decison," she said, was that when you pair great chefs with schools, "everybody wins."

Since the start of Mrs. Obama's healthy eating initiative, schools across the country have upgraded their menus and 1,589 new schools have met new, higher healthier eating standards this year.

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