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Thursday, May 24, 2012

RECAP: Wives of World Leaders At the White House

While her husband was holding things down at Camp David during this year's G-8 and NATO Summits, First Lady Michelle Obama invited the wives of world leaders to the White House for lunch and a tour that included the now famed White House garden.
Wives of world leaders take tour of White House with First Lady Michelle Obama.  AP images.
The 'First Ladies lunch', prepared by Chef José Andrés, was a menu ensemble that featured Gazpacho, Maryland rockfish with local asparagus, grapefruit, Virginia berries, greens from the White House Garden and caramelized olive oil, and a dessert of Tangerine sorbet with Virginia strawberries.

White House Curator Bill Allman helped facilitate the tour, pointing out the history of several White House rooms.  For instance, did you know that the East Room had been used by past presidents for roller skating by Presidents Garfield and Theodore Roosevelt and, later, the daughter of President Carter?  The room was also used for wrestling. Theodore Roosevelt hosted a Chinese wrestling exhibition there, according to Allman.

First Lady Fashion

Food and wrestling aside, we'd like to also point out the fashion and grace of First Lady Obama during the tour.

Notice how Mrs. Obama towers over the other wives in the photo below as she leads the first ladies through the White House, her purple dress swaying this way and that way, as she seeming makes a youthful-like rounded turn. 

Mrs. Valerié Trierweiler of France (black wrap dress and black heels), Mrs. Hitomi Noda of Japan ( heather gray business suit), Mrs. Elsa Antonioli Monti of Italy (black and white business suit), Mrs. Geertrui Windels Van Rompuy of the European Council and Mrs. Margarida Barroso of the European Commission enjoy tour of the White House.
The below picture is another of our favorites.  It shows off First Lady Obama's legs in her knee length dress accenting the first lady's chic, yet comfortably relaxed style.   The purple adding a very regal and lady-like flair.

South Side Flavor

Along with the first ladies' White House tour, Mrs. Obama also hosted NATO leaders’ spouses at the Gary Comer Youth Center on the South Side of Chicago for a bit of South Side flavor.

While there, the spouses joined the Center’s youth members and faculty at a performance by the South Shore Dance Drill Team, the Chicago-based Muntu Dance Theater known for their African and African-American dance, music and folklore performances, and Soul Children of Chicago which uses music to motivate and inspire young people. Founded in 1980, the South Shore Drill Team uses performing arts to engage urban youth by teaching responsibility and camaraderie through its dance routines and performances around the country.

Later that evening, Mrs. Obama hosted NATO Leaders’ spouses to the Art Institute of Chicago for a private dinner.

A very busy First Lady Michelle Obama.

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