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Thursday, May 31, 2012

So, What Was John Edwards' Crime?

A jury, today, somehow found former presidential candidate John Edwards not guilty for telling an untruth about hiding an affair, hiding miss use of campaign funds, using said funds to hide an affair with his videographer mistress while still married to his supportive wife who was dying of cancer.

Former Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, is free of campaign conspiracy charges.
Edwards is a free man; even after being charged for several campaign fraud charges including accepting illegal campaign contributions, conspiracy, and lying.

A jury of eight men and four women, who went back and forth deliberating the case for nine days, somehow couldn't come up with reason enough to convict the man who admitted today he did so much wrong.

In a statement after the verdict, Edwards admitted he was a sinner and said, "I did nothing illegal, but I did an "awful, awful lot" that was wrong and that no one else was responsible for."

Right now there are millions who sit on death row in American prisons, or who have received life sentences for less 'awful, awful' things. 

Even people who don't pay their taxes, are at least fined.

Follow the timeline of this highly bizarre case here.

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