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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney The Richest Presidential Candidate Ever?

Romney, who sings America the Beautiful during a campaign speech, also likes Sweden; at least he likes his money there. 

Romney - the $200 million dollar man - is so rich he doesn't want the American people to know just how rich he really is and hides much of his undisclosed assets in offshore bank accounts in countries like Sweden.

Why would someone have a Swiss bank account?  According to this site people most likely to have a Swiss bank account are those "who don't want other people to know about their money".  The site adds that "unless you're a criminal, it's highly unlikely anyone can ever find out about your account".

Romney has yet to release his tax records of the last few years, and quite frankly says he has no plans to do so, lending more questions by Americans about what Romney is hiding.

Research shows that Romney joins more than half of the world's wealthiest individuals who house more than $32 trillion dollars in offshore accounts.

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