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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romney To Become More Media Friendly

After Romney's traveling press secretary, Rick Gorka, had a few choice words for the media this week, the campaign is acknowledging the error of their ways and has decided to become more 'press friendly', the Hill Overnight is reporting.

Fewer than 100 days out from the election, the campaign is expected to provide more press briefings and heightened access to the candidate in the coming days, and to make changes to the travel pool that will make it more media-friendly.

The changes would represent a major shift for the Romney campaign, which so far has offered only extremely limited access to the presumptive Republican nominee, and usually only to favored outlets like Fox News.

A senior Romney aide said the campaign would work to find a balance between respecting the role of the press and telling the story it wants the public to hear about Romney.

“The press's job is to cover every single angle and inch of this campaign, and I think that any campaign operation has to respect that and recognize that with every engagement what we have to do is tell the governor's story,” the aide said. “Does that happen in every instance? Does that happen every single day? No.   President Obama has had a few media gaffes in his time as president as well, although not as blantantly rude.   In June the president called out to reporter xxxx who interrupted his speech on declaring that children of Latinos born in the US cannot be deported.  Obama was also heard telling xxxx that he'd have more flexibility after the election to xxxx.    The mics, and cameras, were rolling.

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