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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

VP Chief of Staff Resigns

Vice President Biden Chief of Staff, Allan Hoffman has resigned from his post.

Hoffman worked with Hillary Clinton on health-care reform.  He joined Vice President Biden as deputy chief of staff, managing the daily operations of Joe Biden’s office, focusing on administration, the legislative agenda and outreach.

Hoffman called his career in Washington a "whirlwind".

“I’ve been very fortunate to work in government and work for the American people in areas that I’m passionate about” , he said.

One such area is closing the sentencing disparity between those prosecuted for selling powder cocaine versus crack cocaine.  A former prosecutor, Hoffman says the system needs to be "fair" and "just".

Describing his former employee as one with “sharp political sense, a keen sense of timing, a sense of what makes people tick and a sense of humor”, Biden said in a released statement today, "For more than a decade, Alan has been my trusted advisor.  As Chief of Staff in my Senate office and Deputy Chief of Staff in the White House, Alan has managed a diverse staff with tremendous leadership, keen intellect, and unwavering loyalty. 

"From his commitment to strengthening our nation’s law enforcement, to his tireless advocacy on behalf of the labor community and building a strong middle class, he has always set the highest standard for public service. Alan has my complete respect and admiration, and I’m deeply in his debt for his contributions. I wish Alan all the best. His wisdom, experience, and passion will be greatly missed."

Hoffman served as Chief of Staff to Senator Biden from 1998–2003 and from 2006-2008 while Biden was running for President and resurfaced when Biden became Vice President under the Obama administration

No mention on why he chose to resign, or what his future plans are at this time.

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