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Thursday, April 18, 2013

President Obama Remarks at Boston Interfaith Ceremony For Boston Bombing Victims

President Obama told the city of Boston, "You will run again".  

Attending today's Interfaith service honoring the victims of this week's Boston marathon bombing that killed three people and injuring dozens of others, the president speaking at the Cathedral of Holy Cross said, "We will finish this race".

The ceremony's theme is 'Healing Our City'.   [View the Healing Our City program here].

The president also reaffirmed that those responsible will be brought to justice. "Bet on it", he said to the generous applause of those in attendance.

Joining the president on the trip to Boston were First Lady Michelle Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator William “Mo” Cowan, Representative Michael Capuano, Representative Stephen Lynch, Representative Bill Keating, Representative John Tierney, Representative Richard Neal
and Vicki Kennedy, wife of the late senator Ted Kennedy.

No suspects have yet been found in the bombing that left many victims without limbs. The latest news is that an image of a potential suspect has surfaced. 

[UPDATE:  Suspects (Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev) captured. One killed, with ties to DMV area].

The Boston marathon is the oldest big city marathon, dating back to the early 1900s.

Said President Obama, "Tomorrow the sun will rise over Boston."


A person named 'Michael' called into CSPAN Radio's Washington Journal broadcast on Tuesday morning, claiming to be a part of a 'militia' group.  The caller told the show's  host that "he wondered why no one had suspected a militia group" as being responsible for the marathon bombing.

The caller further stated that several militia would not be in favor of their Second Amendment gun rights being taken away.

No reports have surfaced suggesting or indicating any militia group was responsible for the Boston marathon bombing, or that the bombing had anything to do with the debates over gun control.

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