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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Lady and Students Return To Harvest White House Garden; Eat Pizza

Tuesday morning cloudy, wet skies gave way to a beautiful afternoon in the White House garden where First Lady Michelle Obama and students from several schools gathered to reap the fruits of their labor.
First Lady Obama and students harvest vegetables from the White House garden. Photo/CD Brown.
It was an awe inspiring moment to see that which had started as just little seeds months before in April, grow to be what will now feed White House guests, dignitaries, friends, and of course the First Family.

Situated near the White House fountain and adjacent to the White House Children’s garden are full grown radishes, cabbage, carrots, spinach, kale, collard greens and leeks ready for the picking (and eating).  

The first lady joined students from Arthur D. Healey School from Somerville, Massachusetts; and Milton Elementary School from Milton, Vermont – the later schools whose communities were ravished by Hurricane Sandy earlier this year.

Mrs. Obama praised the students for getting through the school year despite the adversity they faced earlier in the year.  “And it hasn’t been that easy, but you guys have managed to get through the school year way on top of the game, and we’re just very proud of you”, the First Lady said.  “ That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to have you here today.  So welcome.  It’s good to have you.” 

Also joining Mrs. Obama in harvesting were students from Union Beach Memorial School and Long Beach Island grade schools, and students from Sarah Moore Green Magnet Academy (SMGM) out of Knoxville, TN.
Ten year old Jalen Hairston of SMGMA said of the occasion, “It’s a great opportunity” to be at the White House harvesting with the first lady, an event he called “a once in a life time opportunity”. 

Garlic, lettuces and for the first time, wheat grow in the White House garden.  Photo/CD Brown.
As the students made their way through the various stations, pulling up radishes, garlic, and lettuce and talking with White House chefs and staff from the National Park Service who were also available to lend a helping hand, a look of accomplishment and success could be seen on the faces of the young gardeners.

“It will make them more appreciative of their all the opportunities they get in life”, said Keith Williamson of the Presidential Vegetable Garden on the students’ return trip to the White House garden project.  The  organization uses gardening as a tool to teach students about nutrition and exercise.

Students from Harriet Tubman and Bancroft Schools from the District of Columbia, who were with the first lady at the beginning of the White Garden project, were also in attendance.

After the harvesting the students joined the first lady and White House chefs in making flat bread pizzas with – what else; fresh toppings straight from the White House garden, topped with cheese.  

First Lady Obama makes pizza with students. Photo/CD Brown.

The pizza garnered a hearty thumbs-up as the students sat down to enjoy a fine lunch with Mrs. Obama.

Student gives the pizza a thumbs up.  Photo/CD Brown.

The First Lady’s garden project has inspired hundreds of students across the country to make healthier eating choices.  From schools to homes, the message of healthy eating is growing, just like the harvest of the White House garden.  Her book, American Grown lists several recipes for many of the items grown from the White House garden.
For inspiring a generation to live healthier lives, we say “thumbs up”.

One Last Item. 
We couldn't resist posting this pic of a WH chef bringing out all those pizza pies to the students, and looking cool in his shades while doing it.

Got pizza? 

White House chef brings pizza to students for topping with White House veggies.  Photo/CD Brown.

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