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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Governor McDonnell Doesn’t Know The Rules of Gifting (So he claims)

Politicians have been known to buy lavish gifts with tax payer dollars.  That isn’t news.

But when they claim they don’t know what constitutes gifting and what doesn’t, well that is just a bit concerning.
Virginia governor Bob McDonnell isn’t sure of the definition either.
According to reports, McConnell’s wife was given a gift of a pricey Rolex watch, about $6500, from a campaign donor, which she in turn ‘gifted’ to her husband.
Isn’t that re-gifting*, the tackiest form of gift giving?   Even JerrySeinfeld knows that.  And why would a woman accept a watch if it was meant for a man, unless she planned to give it to a man in the first place?

McDonnell doesn’t know, and he had a time trying to explain it on a Richmond radio show earlier this week, conceding to the age old defense, “I simply can’t comment on it right now while it’s being investigated.”
The governor of Virginia is being investigated?
“Never in my 22 years of public service...has anyone called my integrity into question”, he told the radio host.
Really?   What about this?   And this?
May not be ‘questionable’ to you, McDonnell, but to some, a big deal.
Here’s more.

[Side bar commentary:  Ok, maybe it didn't go as far as re-gifting, but it makes for some humorous commentary, right?]

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