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Friday, July 19, 2013

In Case You Missed It: President Obama speaks on Zimmerman verdict

President Obama, in a Friday afternoon daily press briefing shocker, stood at the podium and finally spoke to America about the George Zimmerman verdict.

The president spoke to the history of disparity in the justice system, as it relates to African Americans,  and how African Americans are treated in society as a whole.  Speaking on a personal note he said he, too, had been profiled as a young African American male.

He also stated that he "could have been Trayvon Martin some thirty years ago."

It was time for the president to speak out on this issue that has Americans taking yet another look at race in this country.

On why African Americans feel as they do about the verdict, the president said, "African Americans have a set of experiences and history [in this country] that doesn't go away."

And he is right.

Question, again, continues to be, how do we make it go away?

The president (and we agree) doesn't believe having talks and town halls on race is the issue, but thinks the laws need to be looked at and reviewed.

Let's start looking, reviewing, and changing them.


Whites still uncomfortable with the term Black, and Black people.

A future doctor says, "I Could Have Been Trayvon Martin".

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