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Friday, September 13, 2013

'Drink More Water', says First Lady Michelle Obama

You Are What You Drink

When we first got a swig (pun intended) of this upcoming event with Michelle Obama encouraging Americans to drink more water, we knew the crazies would come out against it.

Apparently, the only ones who can talk about fitness, eating healthy, and drinking water are Jane Fonda, Jack LaLanne, the group Drink Water, and the bottled water company, Drink More Water.

First Lady Obama wants Americans to drink more water.

Even with a resume in fitness like the one of Mrs. Obama, she still receives backlash.  

Speaking at an event yesterday in Watertown, Wisconsin the first lady gave a passionate appeal on why drinking water is healthy for all.

"But I really care about your health like I care about my kids' health", said Mrs. Obama.

"That's why I've devoted so much of my energy into making sure that your generation is as healthy as you can be.  We've been talking about how you got to move and keep active and eat right.  But as we were thinking about this, we were thinking, what is the one thing that we can have you guys do that ensures good health?  And it's really pretty simple.  It's drink more water.  Just drink up.  Because truly as I've said before water is the first and best energy drink. "

Everyone knows that our bodies are made up of 80% water, and that drinking pure water helps the body's system function at peak levels.  Water aids in digestion, can aid in weight loss, and is good for the skin. Still, those who want their 15 'seconds' of fame have already begun with their attacks against the first lady's latest initiative.

We say First Lady Obama has the perfect response to the guy in the Dos Equis beer commercial who says, 'Stay thirsty my friends."

Simply, drink more water.

Along with the Partnership for Healthier America, The Drink More Water campaign sets its sites on reminding families of the importance of drinking water Its supporters will carry the Drink Up logo on nearly 300 million packs of bottled water; more than half a billion bottles of water; 200,000 packages of reusable bottles; and more than 10,000 reusable bottles in the next year. Additionally, more than 10,000 outdoor public taps are expected to carry the brand over the next few years. Cities will also be utilizing the logo to encourage people to drink more tap water.  And hosts on a dozen TV shows are participating in an around the clock, cross-network, bilingual day of drinking water and encouraging their audience to Drink Up.

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