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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From Richmond: Virginia's Race for Governor

The Gubernatorial election night saw a modest crowd of supporters inside Richmond's Marriott Hotel, but speeches from the candidates and a rather unexpected demonstration on a topic that still divides Democratic and Republican parties, made for an interesting evening.

Hear speeches from those who did not win - Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, candidates for Virginia Governor and Lieutenant Governor, and more.

E.W. Jackson - Invokes the 'spirit' of George Washington with wife and daughter at his side. (What?)

Ken Cuccinelli to his constituents. "We fight for Virginia values."  Cuccinelli conceded his loss to Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe (but doesn't plan to congratulate him any time soon).

Group (Casa In Action) outside Richmond Marriott has message for Eric Cantor.  "Stop holding up immigration reform."  The group's concern are lack of jobs, education, and the deportation of American immigrants as it continues to break down their family structure.

Pictures on the evening by CD Brown.

Republican supporter dressed in Revolutionary War (Patriot) uniform.

A Cuccinelli campaign sign sits on the floor near a trashcan.

Early poll results show Cuccinelli in the lead.

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