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Monday, February 10, 2014

France and the U.S.: An Alliance Transformed

Today, President Obama and president Hollande of France (French Republic) toured Monticello, the residence of Thomas Jefferson, one of the United States’ earliest envoys to France. 

Monticello reflects Jefferson’s affection for the people of France, the long-standing relations between our two democracies, and the shared values we hold dear:  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, writes the White House. 

Jefferson's Monticello.
The pair have an Op-ed piece in today's Washington Post where the two write about a renewed alliance between the two countries.

"Today, American and French diplomats are preparing for talks with Iran that build on the agreement that has halted progress on and rolled back key elements of the Iranian nuclear program. French and American officials share information daily to combat terrorism around the world. Our development experts are helping farmers across Africa and on other continents boost their yields and escape poverty. In forums such as the Group of Eight and the Group of 20, the United States and France promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth, jobs and stability — and we address global challenges that no country can tackle alone. At high-tech start-ups in Paris and Silicon Valley, American and French entrepreneurs are collaborating on the innovations that power our global economy."

You can read the entire piece here.

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