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Sunday, March 16, 2014

SCANDAL? What Scandal? DC Mayor Plans For Re-Elect

How long is DC Mayor, Vincent Gray, going to deny that there is no wrong doing within his administration?

Are you tired yet of hearing rumor, upon rumor, upon accusation of misconduct within the Gray governing body?

It's been four years since Gray was elected mayor to the District of Columbia and we're still hearing about wrongdoings dating back to his 2011 election campaign.

The latest involves an alleged 'Shadow Campaign' constructed to pay off one Jeffrey Thompson, a former campaign constituent.

USA Today reports, "Thompson admitted to setting up a $668,000 slush fund to aid Gray's 2010 campaign when Gray defeated then-Mayor Adrian Fenty by 10 percentage points. The existence of the "shadow campaign," as prosecutors called it, was no revelation — but Thompson went further, by telling prosecutors that Gray knew about the illegal funding and personally requested $425,000 to pay for get-out-the-vote efforts."

In 2011, former mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, testified that Gray made payouts to individuals who helped him defeat then mayor Adrian Fenty.  Fenty later left DC politics, his children and his wife, and took up with Apple's Steve Jobs' widow in Silicon Valley.

Brown told reporters outside his hearing in June of 2011 that Gray was "a crook" who is "running a scam".

Mayor Gray has maintained his innocence, and has not been formerly charged with any wrong doing.  He plans to make a bid for re-election.

Primaries for the mayoral race begin April 1, leaving many asking if DC voters will be 'fooled' into believing that Gray is the best candidate to run the city.

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