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Friday, June 13, 2014

President Obama Visits Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Today, President Obama and First Lady Michelle visited the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation in Cannon Ball North Dakota.

The pair participated in a roundtable discussion with Native American Youth and tribal officials. The president gave remarks during the Cannon Ball Flag Day Celebration.

President Obama is the first president to visit the Sioux Nation.

From the White House:

President Obama's firm belief [is] that tribal leaders must have a seat at the table.  To make this commitment a reality, the President has hosted the White House Tribal Nations Conferences with tribal leaders every year he has been in office, and last year, he established the White House Council on Native American Affairs to ensure cross-agency coordination and engagement with Indian Country. 

Women dance a traditional Indian dance.

The Sioux Nation was very appreciative of the president's visit and cited President Obama as the only president who has had their best interests at heart.

Treaties broken, our land taken... "If there is one honest man in Washington, send him here.  I want to talk to him."  - Sitting Bull

Said, President Obama, "My administration is determined to partner with tribes on just about every issue that touches your lives."

The president pledged to honor partnerships, treaties, and give mutual respect. 

The U.S. has made investments in areas of infrastructure, high speed internet, education, health care and violence against women initiatives. 

Gifts bestowed upon the President and First Lady from the Sioux Nation.

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