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Friday, July 25, 2014

Remarks by First Lady Michelle Obama at a Chicago DNC event

The first lady took to the heart the successes of her husband's tenure as president of the United States during a DNC event at Chicago Waldorf Historia hotel on Thursday in hopes encouraging Democratic supporters to get out and vote in the mid-term elections this November.

In familiar wording, First Lady Obama lauded the latest employment numbers, the passing of the Affordable Care Act, jobs for veterans, and the number of children who, as a result of her own efforts with Let's Move,  are eating healthier.

She said when she's asked if she still believes in the president's slogan of "hope" and "change" she says she tells people she believes it more strongly than ever before - "because I've seen it with my own eyes".

Mrs. Obama  reminded the audience that despite her husband's accomplishments at the expense of the hard work of constituents like those in the audience, "there is still plenty of work to do", she said.

She said the November election is for the future of America's kids and that as adults "we need to be inspired for them."

"We need to pour everything we have into these elections so that they can have the opportunities they need to build the future they deserve, the first lady said.  "And if we do that, if we just keep stepping up, digging deep, and bringing others along with us, then I know that we can keep making that change we believe in.  I know we can finish what we start.  And together, we can keep building a future worthy of all of our children."

The first lady wasn't shy about asking donors to "dig deep" in their pockets while pointing out what's at stake this fall.

"Right now, we are just 17 seats away from taking back the House, but we’re just six seats away from losing the Senate -- six seats.  And we have tight governors’ races and legislative races in states across the country, races that will be won or lost by just a few thousand, a few hundred, and even a few dozen votes", she said.

Not only is voter turn out at stake, Democrats must also contend with the issue of voter fraud and voter redistricting issues, like those in Tennessee.

"So we can’t afford to just sit back and hope for the best, and then be shocked when things don’t work out our way -- we do that a lot.  We need to be engaged right from the beginning", said First Lady Obama.

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