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Friday, May 15, 2015

Microsoft's 'How Old' app does the president good

Microsoft's new app, How Old Do I Look? tries its best to guess the age of people based off photos submitted to the web site.

The user clicks on 'use your own photo' (catchy language there) link to select a photo, then the app uses a number algorithm to guess the person's age and pins it to their forehead. 
Microsoft's How Old Do I Look? app makes the president younger than he is.  Photo/CD Brown.

We used 'our own photo' (we snapped it) to see how old the app says President Obama is.  

Not bad.

According to the app President Obama, who turns 54 in August, looks 37.  

By those standards, anyone who says the president has aged considerably during his presidency doesn't know jack.  Not even the president who, himself, makes jokes about his own graying hair.

To be fair, however, the app does make the following claim, suggesting their age-revealing technology might be a bit flawed.

The words, "Sorry if we didn't quite get the age and gender right - we are still improving this feature", are displayed beneath the photo.

Speaking of revealing, click here to see the president's (and vice president's) 2015 financial disclosure forms.

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