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Saturday, December 19, 2015

President Obama's year-end presser, pressed by Star Wars

Not even the President of the United States could escape 'the force' of Star Wars.

"Clearly this is not the most pressing event at the White House", the president said as he began his traditional year-end press conference with the media.

"There's a screening of Star Wars taking place in the White House for Gold Star families and their children, so I'll try to be relatively succinct."

Star Wars storm troopers join White House staffers outside the White House on Friday.
The president gave his review of his administration's accomplishments where he lauded health care, criminal justice reform, and decreased unemployment.

President Obama, speaking during his year-end media presser, appears to be giving
a 'thumbs up' while speaking on the accomplishments of his administration.
"As I look back on this year, one thing I see so much of is that our steady, persistent work over the years is paying off for the American people, in a big tangible way."

The president told the packed room of reporters that private sector jobs increased to 13.7 million while unemployment decreased from ten percent to five percent.

"More importantly", the president said, "wages grew faster than [at] any time since the recovery began."

On the subject of health care the president said that health care prices have gone to their lowest levels in five decades and that more Americans have health care coverage than at any other time.

"17 million Americans now have coverage and we now know that six million people have signed up for health care through for coverage beginning on January 1st; 600,000 on Tuesday alone", the president said.

The president fielded questions from reporters on foreign policy issues - most notably, ISIS: "We're going to defeat ISIS", he said. He also spoke on criminal justice reform.  The president granted pardons to 95 inmates this week, many who were serving life sentences for non-violent drug offenses.

After about an hour of Q&A the president served up an, "I gotta get to Star Wars" and wished the attended media a "Merry Christmas everyone; have fun with your family."

The president also departed, with his family, for his winter vacation to Hawaii later in the afternoon, but not before stopping to meet with families of the San Bernadino shootings in California.

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