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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Lady Snap Chat(ting) her way around the globe to Let Girls Learn.

First Lady Michelle Obama plans to use the social media platform Snap Chat to give viewers access to her upcoming trip to Africa and the Kingdom of Spain.

Follow FLOTUS on Snap Chat here.

Mrs. Obama, who is adamant about supporting the right of girls - everywhere - to get an education will be taking her message to Liberia, Morocco and Spain June 27-July 1, along with First Grandma Marian Robinson.

The first lady's Let Girls Learn initiative focuses on ensuring adolescent girls get the necessary education and training needed to cultivate their futures, as opposed to adolescent marriages and starting families at very young ages.

"I've had the opportunity to travel all around the world and I meet these amazing young women and they impress me with how bright and how hungry they are no matter what their circumstances are; they risk their lives for an education", said the first lady in a recent MAKERS interview.

It has been reported that worldwide more than 62 million girls, half of them adolescents, are not in school. Millions more are fighting to stay there.

"They have so much promise that we can't afford to waste", said the first lady.

While the first lady is tending to the educational needs of girls her husband, president of the United States, Barack Obama continues to lend his hand to the needs of adolescent and teen boys with his My Brother's Keeper initiative.  Today, the president joined Derek Jeter who addressed what both are doing to mentor young men.

President Obama chats with Derek Jeter on mentoring.  Photo/ Player's Tribune
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The president has received support from cities around the U.S. to show that the lives of young people matter.  The president said it doesn't take much, but each city can do something.

"But each individual city may do something different, depending on what they need.  There are some cities where summer jobs are the biggest priority and that’s what My Brother’s Keeper has been focused on.  Other places -- in addition to mentorship programs -- there has been encouraging young men to get to college, and how do they apply for financial aid forms, and organizing college visits.

See their conversation here.

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