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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

White House Recognizes International Women's Day

The White House put out a statement honoring International Women's Day, a day where women around the world are recognized for their contributions to advance a civil society. 

Office of the Press Secretary
March 8, 2017

Statement from the Press Secretary in Honor of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and reflect upon the meaningful progress women have made throughout society, while also acknowledging that there is still much work that remains to be done to ensure the complete and consequential participation of women in all spheres of economic, political, and public life. Throughout our history, women have made enormous contributions in the service of our country, and we know that as a Nation, America will only become stronger, more prosperous, and better able to meet our shared goals, as women achieve greater access to a level playing field.

The United States, as a beacon of hope and a leader in promoting women’s rights, is deeply committed to empowering women both at home and abroad.  Our policies will work to advance the economic empowerment of women by promoting entrepreneurship and equal access to education, employment opportunities, and training adapted to a new economic landscape.

Together, America looks forward to a bright future with women in higher-wage jobs throughout high-growth sectors.  America remains committed to empowering women around the world to realize their full potential within the global marketplace.  And with our international partners, America will build upon the legacy of previous generations of women who have bravely broken through both economic and political barriers.

It was with these goals in mind that, as one of its first initiatives, this Administration ramped up efforts to promote women in business by launching the United States-Canada Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.  The United States will continue to work with Canada and other partners around the globe to ensure that all women have the opportunity to succeed.
Today, the United States renews its commitment to fostering economic growth and job creation by harnessing the full potential of women in our economy. This Administration will work diligently to encourage women to enter and succeed in the workforce while addressing the many barriers women still face in achieving economic success, including those that impede women’s access to capital, markets, and networking opportunities.


The month of March is the official month of Women's History/ International Women's Day. This year, perhaps in concert with the Day Without Immigrants demonstrations across the country, women's groups used the occasion to demonstrate by having a Day Without A Woman demonstration in an effort to recognize women's contributions to family, the workplace and the country. Organizers hope to gain support for equality and justice for women and other marginalized groups like LGBTQ communities.

First Lady Melania Trump, in her first term as FLOTUS,  held a women's luncheon in the State Dining Room Wednesday honoring International Women's Day. In the previous administration (and as former first lady) First Lady Michelle Obama participated in events honoring the occasion.

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Press secretary Sean Spicer was asked during Wednesday's press briefing if any female White House staff members participated in the Day Without Women demonstrations. Spicer said he was "unaware" if any female White House staffers had participated and remarked that women in the Trump administration are "busy working" to continue the work of the president.

"People have a right to express themselves', Spicer said, but expressed that there should be a "balance" when asked about several school closings on Wednesday in the wake of female school officials and teachers choosing not to work. 

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