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Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Lady Celebrates Mother's Day At The White House

First Lady Michelle Obama:  "Mother's Day is showing our gratitude for all that they do."

In a White House Mother's Day Tea, the First Lady helped honor militiary moms, and moms the world over, saying women are "crucial in guiding our families, and in our neighborhoods, and in our country, as well."

"They’re the shoulder that we lean on as individuals, but collectively these are the shoulders that form the foundation of our communities. They’re our friends, our teachers, our mentors, our bosses. They find time to drive community projects and car pools. They lead our businesses and our birthday parties. Our lives and our communities are blessed by everything, big and small, that mothers and mother figures give us every single day."

The occasion wouldn't be complete without the First Lady acknowledging her mother, The First Grandmother, Mrs. Marian Robinson for whom she credits for being her rock. 

"This woman who tries to take absolutely no credit for being her rock. She has pulled me up when I’ve stumbled. She’s pulled me back when I’ve run out of line, talking a little too much. She’ll snap me up. She really does push me to be the best woman that I can be, truly, as a professional, and as a mother, and as a friend. And she has always, always, always been there for me. And as our family have grown, she’s managed to expand her love for all of us", said First Lady Obama of her mother who she affectionately calls, Mommy.
 "There’s no way that I could ever fully measure all that my own mommy has done for me. This is my mommy." (Read full remarks here).
Also in attendance were Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter and her granddaughter Sarah Carter, Tricia Nixon Cox, and Susan and Anne Eisenhower, along with spouses and mothers of troops and young women from the First Lady's mentoring program, who were accompanied by notable women in their lives. 
Referencing the Mother’s Day proclamation of 1979 by then President Carter, the First Lady quoted: “In this time when the family is subjected to many new pressures, the job of nurturing future generations is often both more difficult and more important than ever”.  
In his own Mother's Day proclamation of 2010, President Obama writes:
"From our first moments in this world and throughout our lives, our mothers protect us from harm, nurture our spirits, and encourage us to reach for our highest aspirations. Through their unwavering commitment, they have driven and inspired countless acts of leadership, compassion, and service across our country. Many mothers have struggled to raise children while pursuing their careers, or as single parents working to provide for their families. They have carried the torch of trailblazers past, leading by powerful example and overcoming obstacles so their sons and daughters could reach their fullest potential."

Adding, "Mother's Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate these extraordinary caretakers, mentors, and providers who have made us who we are. As we honor today's mothers, we also reflect upon the memory of those who have passed, and we renew our commitment to living the values they cultivated in us."

The First Lady is featured on the cover of the May Collector's issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine where she discusses Mother's Day, and more.

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