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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GOP Representative Says Washington Is A Poisonous Environment. Right After Admitting His Affair, Of Course.

Mark Souder Wants to "Renew His Walk With God".

Another politician comes clean about cheating on his wife, and then tries to reconcile with God.

Add Indiana representative, Mark Souder to the long list of politicians caught in the whirlwind of extramarital mischief.

Souder goes as far as blaming Washington for his not being able to keep his snake in his pants. 

Souder stated that his role as a public servant left little time for a normal life. He was "too busy to find time for family, friends, church, and community", all the while finding the time to have a ("mutual") fling with a part-time staffer.

I'm sure his family, and his generous supporters that he credits during his brief, tell-tale presser must be thrilled.

Souder, standing alone at the podium, did not have his ("committed") family at his side.

Oh, the dreadfulness of it all.

"I'm sick of politicians who drag their spouces up in front of the cameras rather than confronting the problems they've caused", said the 59 year-old Republican representative today.

Hey, Souder!  Guess what?  

We're sick of seeing politicians get caught in affairs with staffers and then bore us with their sordid "I let God, my wife, and my constituents down", standup comedic routines.  (Those who cheat on their wives while she endures cancer, and lie about producing a child within the extramarital affair aren't any better).

Hey, politicians, keep it in your pants, already!   But, I guess they're just immortal beings too, after all.

Souder plans on submitting his resignation to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this Friday.

Watch Souder's emotional and guilt-filled press conference here.

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