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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer Rewind: Senator John McCain's Son Marries

The twice presidential candidate smiles happily as his son Jack McCain marries Renee Swift this past June 1st. The 29-year-old Swift is captain in the USAF reserve.

Jack and Swift met while they both were stationed in Guam. He joins several other McCain family males to serve in the U.S. Military.

Senator John McCain's Son Marries Renee Swift in a June 1, 2013 ceremony.
The bride, who described herself as "mixed race" (maybe she's related to Taylor Swift) is a graduate of San Diego State University-California State University, currently working as the Chief Financial Officer at 36th Medical Group, Andersen AFB.

Along with several other 'descriptions' of herself on her social media pages, she posted that her hair "leans more towards her Black ancestry".

Oh, these 'mixed raced' Blacks. You never hear a Caucasian person say, I'm Jewish, but my long, pointed nose leans more towards the Irish persuasion.

Before heading back to Guam, the happy couple vacationed in Africa (where the bride's hair probably really leaned towards her Black ancestry).


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