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Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Obama's In Cape Cod

President Obama and family are vacationing at Martha's Vineyard this week. We're told the First Daughters are, of course, joining their parents.

The president is using this time as Congress recesses for their own five week vacation.

President and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at Martha's Vineyard.
The president, with plans of golfing and rest on his agenda, will continue to be briefed daily on world affairs while on vacation.

From today's pool report:

Greetings from the island. It’s a sparkling, sunny day for the Obamas’ first full day of vacation. The sky is blue. The breeze is light. The pool is chipper and well rested. The president is going golfing. The pool started the day with a visit to Alley’s farm stand (great peaches), followed by some hanging and waiting in a field near the estate where the president is stay. We began to roll at 11:15 am, but got no sign of the president. The trip along South Road was easy and uneventful. For those who haven’t seen it yet, the main road near the Obama’s rented home is lined with trees, rolling hills, the occasional low stone wall and several charming cottages. We passed only a few onlookers, who waved and smiled, and a few brave bicyclists, who seemed unfazed by the fast approaching caravan of government vehicles. We arrived at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs at 11:35am. The clubhouse is a grey-shingled and white-trimmed building.

More to come, we're sure.

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