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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vice President Biden Lauds His "1 is 2 Many" Campaign Against Sexual Assaults on College Campuses

Near to advice President Biden's heart is the treatment of women and the eradication of sexual assault against women.

He continues his 1 is 2 Many campaign to spread the message that rape will not be tolerated, especially on college campuses where one in five women, ages 18-24 are sexually assaulted.

The White House has produced a PSA asking, #WhatWouldYouDo, and reminding the public that:

 “If she doesn’t consent, or can’t consent — it’s a crime . . . and if you see sexual assault happening, help her, don’t blame her —and speak up.”

Click here to take a look at the PSA featuring actors and both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Other VP Biden News
Vice President Biden makes call to NBA Chairman, Kevin Johnson to lend support to players in wake of Donald Sterling racists actions and comments towards NBA players and the NBA family.

Said Johnson, "He (Biden) called me and said, We're with you, and the White House is watching."

***Update*** May 1,2014
While the President and Vice President may have ridding sexual assault on college campuses on their agendas, the fact remains that sexual assault against women in the military is still quite pervasive.   During Thursday's White House briefing that very subject came up.  In fact, it was the first question asked during the day's briefing.

Q.  The Pentagon is releasing a report today showing sexual assault in the military has increased 50% (we'll put that in bold - that's fifty percent).  Does the Commander-in-Chief view that?  Does he think it's because of the increase in reporting, or is the problem getting worse?

Listen (and watch) below to hear the answer given by Press Secretary Jay Carney.


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