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Monday, April 7, 2014

What We Already Know: Vice President Joe Biden Sleeps With A Professor

It's no secret that second lady Dr. Jill Biden is a community college professor (George Mason), and that both the president and the vice president have touted community colleges for years.

 "We know, for example, that in the coming years, jobs requiring at least an associate’s degree are going to grow twice as fast as jobs that don’t require college. We will not fill those jobs or keep those jobs on our shores without community colleges", explained the president.

Dr. Biden in 2009 told an audience, "For more and more people, community colleges are the way to the future", said Biden.  "They’re giving real opportunity to students who otherwise wouldn’t have it.  They’re giving hope to families who thought the American Dream was slipping away.  They are equipping Americans with the skills and expertise that are relevant to the emerging jobs of the future.  They’re opening doors for the middle class at a time when the middle class has seen so many doors close to them."

Enter her husband Joe Biden, known for saying what he wants - how he wants.  Listen as he explains his love for both community colleges, and his favorite college professor.

"The same one."

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