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Friday, October 22, 2010

Conyers Wants To Help Make the President Stronger

Speaking at a small gathering for the Democratic Socialists of America meeting earlier this month, Congressman John Conyers had a few choice (tough love) words for President Obama and his administration.

Conyers was critical of the continuation of the war in Afghanistan saying, "There probably isn't anybody above the tenth grade who doesn't know you can't win a war in Afghanistan."

Conyers even had choice words about White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs saying the Democrats might lose both the House and the Senate, calling his choice of words "automatically dismissible".

"If I were president, that would be the end of it.  I would send him packing", said Conyers.  Adding, "I don't know where he came from anyway."

Gibbs has since changed his summertime opinion.

Conyers called President Obama "one of the smartest men in American politics."

Apparently, one smart man who hasn't done enough to help the economy get going.  Especially when it comes to putting Americans back to work.

"I respect him. I support him. But he needs to do something about jobs", said Conyers. "Immediately."

Conyers is in the process of submitting legislation to address the jobs crisis.

"I have to fight for the principals I was fighting for before he (Obama) even stepped foot in Washington", said Conyers.

Conyers has also been critical of the President's response to relief efforts and assistance in Haiti, almost nine months after being hit by the worst earthquake in the region.

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