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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In New York Governors' Race, One Thing Is Sure...

The Rent Is Too Damn High!

The race for Governor of New York just got a little more interesting.

Jimmy 'The Rent's Too Damn High' McMillan.  US Vet, Karate master and candidate for Governor of New York.

Enter candidate Jimmy McMillan,  karate master and Vietnam vet.

He's running on a campaign that is as easy to understand as "Yes, we can!"

His campaign message? The rent is too damn high!

In a debate that took place last night in New York, McMillan stated his case

Laugh if you want to, we think McMillan is on point.  

Hey Mr. McMillan, we think the rent in DC, and all around the country is 'too damn high!'

While McMillan's web site, (as of this posting) has been suspended (I wonder why), you can still learn about the shoot-from-the-hip Governor's candidate at

I feel like running in a campaign myself as I'm writing this piece.   My platform?  This computer is too damn slow!

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