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Thursday, October 14, 2010

First Lady Hits The Campaign Trail

Participating in early voting in her home town of Chicago, First Lady Michelle Obama reminds everyone to vote early for the Nov. 2nd mid-term elections.  (See video).

First Lady, first in line, votes early in Chicago.
Here are some details of today's event, as told by pool reporter Abdon M. Pallasch of the Chicago Sun-Times.

First Lady Michelle Obama early-voted in Chicago Thursday morning.

Just after 9 a.m. she entered the Martin Luther King Center on the South Side and was the first early voter of the day.

“I think that’s you,” Election Judge Dorothy Yarbrough, a retired CTA bus driver told the first lady after looking up Mrs. Obama’s voting record.

“You think?” the first lady replied with a smile.

Chicago Board of Elections employee Charles Holiday gave the first lady a quick lesson on how to work the electronic voting machine.

At 5’-11”, Mrs. Obama had to hunch over a bit to use the machine. It took her six minutes to get through the ballot, which, in addition to governor, senator, and the big offices, also includes 78 judges running to be elected or retained on the bench.

Social worker Amanda Deisch was the second voter to show up Thursday morning. She snapped a cell-phone photo of the first lady as she took the voting machine next to her and began voting.

Voter Anna Roberts took the next machine and as Mrs. Obama was finishing up voting, she allowed Deisch to take another cell phone photo and she shook hands with both women.

Obama went back to the desk and handed in her voting machine key, saying "Make sure everybody’s voting early.”

She let more voters including electrician Dennis Campbell, 56, take some photos with her.

“She was telling me how important it was to vote to keep her husband’s agenda going,” Campbell said.

“I told her we supported her and her husband and we were praying for them,” Deisch said. “I told her we’re trying to get the kids moving – her childhood obesity effort.”

Continuing on the campaign trail, Mrs. Obama will join the President this Sunday in Cleveland and in Columbus, Ohio.
On yesterday, the First Lady campaigned in Milwaukee, WI (where early voting has begun also) in support of Senator Russ Feingold.

Watch video.

First Lady Campaigning in Chicago.

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