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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Final Mission To The Final Frontier

The President will place a telephone call to the crews of the Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station as Discovery conducts its final mission in orbit where he will congratulate the crews on their achievements in support of their orbiting research laboratory and express his gratitude for their dedication to the exploration of space.

This event will broadcast all of the audio from the call and video of the crew in space live at



Conversation with President Obama and Space Station crew members:  ."We are always inspired by the images of you guys at work as you work to put some of the final pieces in place to make the ISS fully operational.You are setting such a great example with your dedication, your courage, your commitment to exploration. Col. Lindsey, it must be a great honor to be the last commander of Discovery.

In response, Discovery Commander Steve Lindsey said, "On behalf of the crew, it's a real privilege for us to get to fly Discovery on her final mission. We think that when we land, Discovery will have flown in space for 365 days."

The crew members also discussed with the president the delivery of the humanoid Robonaut 2 and international cooperation, exhibited by the presence of vehicles and components from all of the program's partners.

On Friday, March 4, the 12 crew members aboard space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station will hold a news conference starting at 9:48 a.m. CST, also on NASA TV.



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