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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Olivia Wilde Speaks To President Obama... and Is Simply 'Thrilled'

In what has been called an "awkward moment" with President Obama, actress Olivia Wilde recounts receiving a telephone call from the President, thanking her for working on his campaign.

"He was calling to thank me for traveling to Iowa in October 2007 to volunteer for the campaign", said Wilde.

Apparently she did what most have done after receiving a phone call from the president of the United States.

"I was very professional the whole time we spoke, then I hung up the phone -- or so I thought -- and started squealing for about 15 seconds", the actress admitted.

Little did she know the President heard her entire expression of OMG!

"I later found out from a friend who was with him that he listened to the shrieking, and laughed the entire time."

Who says the President's cool points have fallen since the election?

Not Olivia Wilde.

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