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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

President Obama On Education To Win The Future

"We Need to Help Every Child Get Ahead." - President Barack Obama

The President spoke to a group of students at Kenmore Middle School  in Arlington, Va on Monday where he stressed the need for every child in America to have a healthy educational start that involves not only the teacher, but the parents.  [And, I might add, not only the parents, but the teacher, as the process works both ways].
"What works for any school is a high level of involvement by both parents and teachers. Technology is great but the level of involvement by parents and teachers make great schools. The plan should be how to get parents move involved in their children's education."
The President also outlined reforms in legislation that will ensure America doesn't leave any child behind, yet but that America help every student get ahead using the following measures:
  • A flexible and focused accountability system that promotes shared responsibility, college and career readiness, and rewards achievement.

  • Support for reform and innovation at the state and local level that will empower both principals and teachers.

  • New efforts to drive resources and reform to the Nation's persistently low-performing schools and those with the greatest achievement gaps, and to ensure there is a great teacher in every classroom and a great principal in every school.

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