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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson on Trayvon Martin

Outrage, shock, and dismay continues to spill out over the senseless death of 17 year old promising high school student Trayvon Martin, who was killed on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, Florida by wannabe vigilanty George Zimmerman (may he rot in some place unpleasant).

Zimmerman, disguising himself as some sort of vigilanty neighborhood watch patrol official followed, chased down, and killed Martin and claimed self defense as he stood over the deceased Martin with a nine millimeter weapon in his hand.

Zimmerman has not been charged, and is free to come and go as he pleases while the Martin family is left fighting for justice for their deceased son.

Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson vows to speak from the floor of Congress until Martin's murderer is brought to justice. 
It has been 25 days without an arrest of George Zimmerman who has been set free without charge.
While President Obama has yet to speak out on the matter, or give a phone call to the Martin family, (even though he will comment on the murders in Sryia and Afghanistan) members of the Congressional Black Caucus are speaking out on the issue on America's soil.

Listen to representative Fredericka Wilson (D-FL) as she brings the matter of racial profiling to the floor of Congress earlier today.

"I'm tired of burying young Black boys", relented Wilson, who serves the Florida district where Martin lived.  "No more racial profiling."

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Florida, and the FBI opened an investigation into the facts and circumstances of the shooting death of Martin.

Here is a statement for the Department of Justice.

"The department will conduct a thorough and independent review of all of the evidence and take appropriate action at the conclusion of the investigation. The department also is providing assistance to and cooperating with the state officials in their investigation into the incident. With all federal civil rights crimes, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person acted intentionally and with the specific intent to do something which the law forbids – the highest level of intent in criminal law. Negligence, recklessness, mistakes and accidents are not prosecutable under the federal criminal civil rights laws. The Community Relations Service will be in Sanford, Fla., this week to meet with civil rights leaders, community leaders, and local law enforcement to address tension in the community.”

Photos:  A Million Hoodies For Trayvon Martin:  NYC Union Square

NAACP's Ben Jealous Speaks Calls for Firing of Sanford Police Chief, Bill Lee

President Obama's remarks to President Sarkozy on killings in France, but not to parents of Trayvon Martin of Florida, USA.

The President spoke by phone today with President Sarkozy of France while aboard Air Force One en route to Nevada. President Obama expressed his solidarity with President Sarkozy, and the government and people of France, as they deal with the aftermath of the tragic and unprovoked attacks that left seven dead, including three French soldiers, and three children and a teacher at a Jewish school. President Obama welcomed the actions taken by French authorities in identifying and locating a suspect in the killings, and their continued efforts to prevent further acts of violence. President Obama underscored that the American people stand shoulder to shoulder with our French allies and friends in this trying time.

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  1. 93% of all murdered black males are murdered by other black males..

    90% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites..

    Blacks males make up 35-40% of sexual assaults on white women..Jesse and Al jump at the chance to defend black women accusing white males of
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    Is Racism the reason blacks make up half the prison population, but only 13% of the total population? The black prison population would be higher if so many black murderers hadn't killed other black murderers!!

    the blame game is getting old. tired of seeing blacks resist arrest and then claim police brutality.. instigate and act aggressive and then
    cry when their aggression is met with aggression. at some point you are going to have to look inward to fix your problems, and stop blaming
    everyone else!!

    People of all colors have come here in the last 40
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    Blacks idea of Racism is never going away, because they wont let it. They thrive off of conflict.