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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Could There Be A Keystone Pipeline After All?

President Obama revealed a memorandum today on the expedited review of pipeline projects from Cushing, Texas to Port Arthur and other domestic pipeline infrastructure projects.

With gas prices hovering well over $4.00 a gallon, the president insists that "we must safely and responsibly develop our oil resources here at home, as part of an all-of-the-above energy strategy to grow our economy and make us more secure."

All Americans want to know is will doing so bring down the cost gasoline prices?

The president spoke today Cushing Pipe Yard in Oklahoma where he again remarked on reducing reliance on foreign oil, saying, "Although expanding and modernizing our Nation's pipeline infrastructure will not lower prices right away, it is a vital part of a sustained strategy to continue to reduce our reliance on foreign oil and enhance our Nation's energy security."

Taking heat from Congress, and supporters of the Keystone Pipeline, the president is calling for an expedited review process of pipeline infrastructure that will ensure health, safety, and security of communities and the environment while supporting projects that can contribute to economic growth and a secure energy future.

"In doing so, the Federal Government must work in partnership with State, local, and tribal governments, which play a central role in the siting  and permitting of pipelines; and, we must protect our natural resources and address the concerns of local communities", the president said of  the proposed 485-mile line from Oklahoma to refineries on Texas' Gulf Coast.

Native Americans protested the proposed effort saying the project along the coast would impact the indigenous communities and their sacred spaces, mainly grave sites that some say would "rip out" their heritage.

Read the president's entire memorandum here.

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