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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Members of Congress and Parents of Trayvon Martin On Capital Hill

Can There Be An  Enforced Stop Racial Profiling Act?

Members of Congress have been more than focal about the Trayvon Martin murder that happened in February of this year.

Last week members of Congress took to the House floor, along with Trayvon Martin's parents, to put the word out that racial profiling is still an unacceptable practice.

Martin was gunned down by a renegade neighborhood watch captain as he was walking back home to his father's house, located in a predominately white, gated community.  His killer, George Zimmerman remains at large while the 18 year-old's parents and family continue to seek justice.
"We are with you, Congressman Gregory Meeks said to Martin's parents. 
Meek also had a message for those believing a young life like Trayvon Martin is expendable.

"We are sending a message to all of America. . . you cannot discriminate and profile individuals because of his or her looks."

Cases like Trayvon Martin are cropping up all around the country.  And it hasn't been a recently occuring phenomenon.  From Emmit Till to Travyon Martin, to those before them, Black males continue to be under siege.
Listen to Terrence Johnson story. In 1978, police had no trouble arresting the 15 year-old Prince George County youth.  A jury had no trouble convicting him.  He was defending himself from a brutal beating by police officers.

This week President Obama signed the  Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK) to introduce more accountability and transparency in the federal government.  He also signed the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act that will help startups get access to a larger pool of potential investors and make it easier for businesses to become publicly traded companies..

The president needs to sign a Stop Racial Profiling Act (SRPA) so incidents mentioned in this posting are no more.

Even the popular Atlanta movie producer and actor, Tyler Perry, who has given generously to the Obama re-election campaign fund, experienced racial profiling  - as early as this week.  Read what he stated about his profiling experience on his FaceBook page.

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