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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Secret Service & Prostitution

So This Is How The Secret Service Gets Down

This isn't the first time, nor is it a secret, that the US Secret Service has been suspected of soliciting prostitutes. 

In 2008 a prostitution sting in the area of 11th and K Sts NW around 12:50 a.m. found a marked Secret Service Uniformed Division patrol car had stopped to speak with an undercover female officer who was posing as a prostitute. The patrol car was driven by a Uniformed Division sergeant who was in uniform.  The NSID officers assumed he was going to tell the undercover female officer to leave the area.

Find out what happened next.

Today we find that more than a dozen Secret Service personnel traveling with President Obama to Cartagena Columbia, while he attends the Summit of the Americas, have been released amid allegations of 'sexual misconduct'.

The Associate Press received an anonymous tip about the incident.  Secret Service spokesman, Ed Donovan has neither confirmed or denied any wrong doing.  While soliciting prostitution is considered inappropriate for the Secret Service, it is legal in certain areas of Colombia.

Does the release of the Secret Service personnel put the president in danger?  Will more secret service be flown in to replace the 'disgraced dozen', some of which are married?

The White House has released no comment on the matter (but did comment on Guinea Bissau’s military to seize power from the country’s civilian leadership, saying it "condemns the actions").

The latest allegations of sexual misconduct by the secret service is just one of several events that have taken place during the president's travel to Columbia.  Earlier today an officer in the presidential motorcade was involved in a minor motorcycle accident around 12:43 pm when his cycle skidded off the roadway. 

No word on the condition of the officer.

In another event, reports indicate that a bomb may have detonated in the region.

**Update** Sunday, April 15, 10:30 am

As the story evolves around sexual misconduct of secret service members, we are finding that members of the US military have also been involved in the 'freak nick' in Cartenga Columbia where the president was participating in the the Summit of the Americas.

At least five military members have been involved.  Are you really surprised?

What with the US military already under scrutiny for urinating on dead citizens in war torn Afgahnistan, killing unarmed men, women and children, waterboarding, raping its own female service members, and other heinous acts, this latest development is yet another black eye on the character of its members.

White House Press Secretar Jay Carney has deferred reporter's questions to the US military and the secret service.

A nice way of saying, 'We have no comment'.

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