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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

President Obama Slow Jams (The News)

Let's just say what you are about to see is more entertaining than than ANYTHING you've seen this week in entertainment news.

President Obama's voice is at it again. Whether singing Al Green songs, or just speaking over (the right) music, he's an attention getter.

Mitt Romney can't touch this. Don't even try it, Romney. Don't try to solicit the help of Wayne Newton, or The Boss (BS), or Willie Nelson, or Neil Diamond, or even Mick Jagger in your own sordid attempt to copy the president, as you've done so many times during your bid for candidacy.

They wouldn't even have the same affect.

Watch President Barack Obama slow jam (the news) on the Jimmy Fallon Show, which he appeared on this past Monday night.

That is all.

Oh, yeah. Tell Congress to keep student loans affordable.

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