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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breaking Bread. Gaining Ground?

No winter storm warning could keep a few good friends, or U.S. Senators, from breaking bread.

A few senators joined the president last evening for a bit of bi-partisan talks on how to advance the country and work through the affects of the current sequester.

Joing the president were Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Bob Corker, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Senator John McCain (whom he beat in the 2008 presidential election), Senator Dan Coats, Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Richard Burr, Senator Mike Johanns, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Ron Johnson, Senator John Hoeven, and Senator Saxby Chambliss.

The Senators and President Obama dined at a restaurant inside the Jefferson Hotel on the cusp of George Town.  The hotel boasts three restaurants:  The Green House, Plume, and Quill.   It is unclear which restaurant the party dined in, but what we can confirm is the president paid the tab.


[UPDATE 12:35PM] We are told by the hotel's Marketing Manager that the party dined in one of the hotel's meeting rooms where they were served a variation of the Plume menu.
"The meeting last evening was held in one of the hotel's private meeting rooms. It was not held in Greenhouse or Plume restaurant but President Obama and the Senators did dine from the Plume menu prepared by our Executive Chef Chris Jakubiec."

View the Plume menu at


Senator McCain was seen giving a 'thumbs up' as he exited the hotel, and other senators gave like consensus.

Those citing the president as not being able to reach out to 'the other side' for negotiations and talks can now lay that notion to rest.

What the American people want to see is if any positive action will come about as a result.

The president, today, had lunch with Congressmen Ryan and Van Hollen to discuss a number of issues.

From "a White House official":

"The President was pleased to host Chairman Ryan and Ranking Member Van Hollen for lunch today at the White House.  The President had a constructive discussion with the Chairman and Ranking Member on a host of issues, including tackling our deficit challenges and his proposal to replace the sequester and reduce the deficit in a balanced way.  The President expressed his desire to continue a dialogue with them in the weeks ahead, and looks forward to continuing discussions with them and other members of the committee on these issues of importance to our economy and the middle class. 

The gentlemen dined on Lentil vegetable soup and broiled sea bass served with a roasted vegetable Ragu.

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